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 Professionally produced HD video for Websites, Facebook, YouTube
How to Increase Sales
How to Improve your Search Ranking
How to Covert Web Surfers into Buyers

Why are people avoiding your business?
Want to be a fighter pilot? Royalty? Police detective? Fireman? Movie actor? Cowboy? Soldier?
Star in your own Fantasy Film!
Starting at only $9999
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Channel 70 Video Productions
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Our Commitment
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NAICS 512110
DUNS 078410940
PSC T015
CCR Registered
SAM Registered
Reg. CA Film Comm
Reg. NC Film Comm
Bonded, licensed, insured

     Asheville 828.768.0737
   Los Angeles 213.215.0084
    100% High Definition
    Professional. Reliable. Secure.
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